the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom.



#PigmentChromePrint #old-sunprint #popchrome # ScreenPrint
I used a technique that does not use a camera for classical technique.
Make it with black and white negative film. Coloring printing method. It is not a commercially available color print system.

Modern pictures are completed with digital data on the computer.
Classical technique photography consists of an amalog camera, film, and finally on paper
Thus, the effect is determined, and in digital it is an impossible finish.

Pigment photography production is surprisingly . However, as there are many variable elements, like the normal picture, you can not always make the same thing. That's where the interest is divided. This is a photo illustration to the last. It is not computer graphics either. The ultimate goal is the original vintage print.

#PigmentChromePrint #old-sunprint #popchrome
Here, the original vintage print was made in the 1980's.
There is some material that costs it, but it is not available to make this, now ·
With a personal computer, it is possible to make negatives. That is, no darkroom is needed.
After that, paper, photosensitive material, acrylic paint, ultraviolet fluorescent lamp.



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