the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom.

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japan Alternative Photography pigment gumprint
# This, analog pigment print method,

Does the combination of Minolta Alpha 9000 and Kodakurom 200 film
surpass the 500,000 yen digital camera?
Does the 0.8mm UAP image exceed the limit of the microscope?
Is it impossible to analyze the image of this film without a scope of 1 million yen?

Image usage fee
US $ 1000
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UAP is always wrapped in force field, so it is difficult to shoot w
Even with the US Navy Top Gun, even if you say "I see it almost every day",
when I look at the image, there is a lot of out-of-focus w
At the angle of the sun , The moment the main body was miraculously seen through,
I was able to shoot ww

Did the Pentagon's UAP-approved, alien search make sense? In other words,
aliens do not come to the earth, are they only monitoring with UAP probes?


Image usage right is $ 10000 www
Film purchase is $ 1 million www
Whether or not you can shoot once every
50 years is the basis of value www


Vintage photos are mostly monochrome, with very few color prints.

In the case of color, it will be faded after 30 years. Therefore,

I made organic pigments as color formers. Moreover, the dot type will be the world's first.


# From shooting the film, inverted, creating a positive film ...
# From this positive film, make the expanding negative film.
# Up to this point, working in a dark room.




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