the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom.



The history of science is the history of alchemy,
and the history of lies is also ww
So can't you trust it until you confirm it yourself?
Did you confirm the existence of UAP by leaving it on the film?
Well, even in the US Navy, it's only monochrome shooting,
so ww color shooting may be the first time in history?


Quiet supersonic aircraft

* Photographed experimental aircraft in Europe


"Experiment" ... Real UAP image, {UFO, UA
SNS of groups and individuals who saw P, research, etc.}
Stick it on and see the reaction.
Progress to the present …… Almost no reaction www
Is it so brainwashed by the media?


Image usage fee
US $ 100
Amazon Gift Code



江崎グリコ ビスコ 焼きショコラ 15枚×10個 乳酸菌



Develop color photographs with water. Develop monochrome photos with water. Make black-and-white photographic paper. Make photographic paper of color photos. Make a color photo with Aramid. Make a monochrome photo with Alamit. Make photographic paper of color photos with plain paper. Make a black and white photo photographic paper with plain paper. Make color photos from monochrome negatives.


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