the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom.







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Most UFO research groups around the world may be fake. I don't even have a realistic photo of a UFO.

Most UFO Sites Don't Believe In UFOs?
Even if you look at a realistic UAP image, there is no reaction at all?
Doesn't even the Pentagon have realistic UAP images?

If dark energy is put into practical use before 2030, will the future be harsh unless we take into consideration that gas energy will almost never be used?
Is the United States the top in terms of basic patents? Will it be put into practical use in 2025? Is the UAP information disclosure by the US Department of Defense part of that?

Are unidentified flying objects under blackout worldwide? Are authorities repeatedly hiding information? Is it just light or ghosts that are reported? Why don't everyone shoot when they have a camera?


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UV curing
Ink developed by applying these new photosensitive resins.
This is different from the conventional type. In other words, the vehicle is sensitive
It consists of a synthetic resin and a photopolymerization initiator.
UV drying is solvent-free

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